Monday, August 11, 2008

Project 2


Exercise 1: Human Skull Study
Read textbook pages 10-30, Faraut. Video will be shown in class.

You will begin your sculpting experience by reading and studying the illustrations for the technique used by Philippe Faraut to sculpt the human skull and muscle structure of the human head. A supplementary video showing this process will be shown in class. This objective of this study is to learn the human anatomy so that you fully understand what creates the structure of the human head and neck and why we move as we do. In this study you will be using the Faraut technique of solid modeling the skull. Skulls will be modeled at one-half of life size.

Exercise 2: Pinched Portraits Study
Read textbook pages 38-69. Video will be shown in class, Bova and Faraut – the features. (Artists of reference are Joe Bova, Arthur Gonzales and Judy Moonelis).

A portrait will be done of a selected classmate as an “in class” project. An orientation to thinking in the third dimension will be practiced by pinching the form and moving the clay wall in and out like a skin. Your understanding of the skeletal and muscle structures learned in the last sculpture will inform your use of this new technique. The portrait studies will be modeled at one-half of life size.

Read textbook pages 102-125 and 130-141. Video will be shown in class, Faraut on creating a likeness and common mistakes.

These Portrait sculptures are to be modeled 3/4 life size to life-size in scale. This project will be evaluated for likeness, proportions, sculptural depth and mass conveyed, and smoothness within volumetric transitions. You will be asked to provide photos of your head in the round and a mirror. These will be your perceptual resources for the project.

A demonstration of how to build using stacked slabs will be shown in class. You will be working hollow and bending the clay in and out by pinching the walls. The two previous exercises will lead you to understand structure and working hollow. This project will center upon developing perceptual skills.

The sculpture will be surfaced by underglaze or staining and covered with a shop glaze. Test tiles are available for view in the glaze lab. A glaze demonstration will be done in class.

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.Wednesday, September 24th
Begin skull studies

.Wednesday, September 29th
Begin pinched portrait studies

.Wednesday, October 8th
Begin self portraits

.Wednesday, November 5th

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