Monday, August 11, 2008

Project 4


During this second figure modeling sequence the group will have a voice in the pose selected (perhaps seated). The model scheduled is to be male, to offer an experience with a different figure type and anatomical articulation. This project will focus on developing modeling style and increasing the size of the sculpture.

The size of this vertical figure will be increased to 30” H.

Slides will be shown in class of ceramic figure sculptors who work within an academy style or with evident anatomical consideration.

Choose a figurative sculptor (realist) whose aesthetic style captures your interest. The artist can be from any period in Art History or a contemporary figurative sculptor. The sculptor does not have to work exclusively in clay.

This assignment requires that you research the style of the sculptor by observing, at least ten sculptural pieces by the artist. Choose one piece and do a drawing (no smaller than 8 ½” x 11”) where you note proportions and body type. On a separate sheet of paper list the name of the artist, title and year of the piece and the titles of the other nine pieces that you looked at. Also, analyze the sculpture and list the elements of the sculptural style including; massiveness, gesture, articulation (hair, eyes, hands) simplification, posture, draped/nude, facial expression, etc.

Incorporate this “sculptural style” into the life sculpture of the male figure. The sculpture is to remain anatomically correct and as life-like and “realistic” as your skills and perception will permit. The style for modeling, however, might emulate Rodin, loose and flowing, might reflect Donatello’s style tight and linear, or imitate Michelangelo’s muscular articulations; massive hard and robust.

The sculptures will be fired once to cone 04. Cold finishes such as metallic patinas, acrylic, oil paint, watercolor or encaustic will then be applied to the surfaces. Demos will be provided for these cold finishes.


.Monday, November 10th
First day of male model

.Wednesday, November 19th
Last day of female model

.Monday, December 8th

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